Register Your New Business Online

Online Business Registration Information Video

What you will need:

  • If you have not previously created a user account for this application process, you will need a valid email address to register.
  • Your federal employer ID, if required;
  • Social Security numbers, names, addresses, and titles of each owner, partner, member, or corporate officer; and
  • A signed Power of Attorney, Form 33, if applicable.

Browser requirements:

  • Google Chrome Version 30 or higher;
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 27 or higher;
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher;
  • Microsoft Edge – any; or
  • Opera Version 12.18 or higher.

Eligible tax programs:

  • Sales and Use Tax;
  • Income Tax Withholding;
  • Business Income Tax (corporation, partnership, fiduciary, or financial institution); and/or
  • Miscellaneous Taxes, including —
    • Litter Fee;
    • Lodging Tax;
    • Prepaid Wireless Surcharge;
    • Severance and Conservation; and
    • Tire Fee.

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