Register Your New Business Online

Online Business Registration Information Video

What you will need:

  • If you have not previously created a user account for this application process, you will need a valid email address to register.
  • Your federal employer ID, if required;
  • Social Security numbers, names, addresses, and titles of each owner, partner, member, or corporate officer; and
  • A signed  Power of Attorney, Form 33, if applicable.

Browser requirements:

  • Google Chrome Version 30 or higher;
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 27 or higher;
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher;
  • Microsoft Edge – any; or
  • Opera Version 12.18 or higher.

Eligible tax programs:

  • Sales and Use Tax;
  • Income Tax Withholding;
  • Business Income Tax (corporation, partnership, fiduciary, or financial institution); and/or
  • Miscellaneous Taxes, including —
    • Litter Fee;
    • Lodging Tax;
    • Prepaid Wireless Surcharge;
    • Severance and Conservation; and
    • Tire Fee.

Important Information:

  • As a business owner, you may have a collection responsibility in other states. After South Dakota v. Wayfair, if you are making sales of property or services into other states, you may have an obligation to collect and remit those states’ sales taxes. If you are licensed to collect and remit tax in Nebraska, you should continue doing so. You can obtain information on the licensing requirements for other states at: You can register with 23 other states using the Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System (SSTRS) registration form, which is available at: Have more questions? Visit our Online Sales and Use Tax Filing FAQs.


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