Business Income Tax e-Filing

How it Works

The Federal/State e-file program provides a means to file both federal and state tax returns in one transmission to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The software must be approved by both the IRS and the Nebraska Department of Revenue (Department). The federal and state returns are first sent to the IRS, and when the federal return is accepted by the IRS, they provide the Nebraska return to the Department. Some software allows for filing your state return without the federal. Upon retrieval of the state return, the Department, will issue an acknowledgment indicating if the state accepts it for processing.

Advantages of Federal/State e-file include computer filing accuracy and faster refund processing. Taxpayers can have their refunds directly deposited into their bank accounts, or pay their balances due by credit card (corporation and S corporation) or having their payments directly debited from their bank accounts. Refund, zero balance due, and balance due returns are accepted. Most common forms and schedules are supported.


Two Types of Federal/State E-File

There are two basic types of Federal/State Electronic Filing:

  • Federal/State e-file is supported in most commercial e-file software sold to the public at retail outlets, or offered for a fee through the Internet. To link to commercially offered, Internet-based, e-file software for filing both federal and state returns, CLICK HERE.
  • Federal/State e-file is available through tax preparers who have been accepted for participation in the IRS electronic filing program. Contact a tax professional and ask about filing your Nebraska income tax return electronically.
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