ACH Credit

You work with your bank to deposit funds into the State's bank account.

ACH Credit User Guide (revised 3/2024)

EFT Credit Procedures

  • If you have selected EFT Credit as your payment method:
    • Provide a copy of the Nebraska ACH Credit CCD+ Addendum Record Format to your software provider for customization if needed.
    • Determine the data fields you must have coded in your ACH Addendum record. These can be found on your preprinted tax return for the tax you are paying. This includes your Nebraska ID number, your tax type, and the tax period for which you are reporting. Your Nebraska ID number and tax type should remain constant; however, your tax period ending date will normally change with each payment you send.
  • If this is your first attempt at making an EFT Credit payment to Nebraska:
    • Using the information above, instruct your software provider or financial institution to prepare and submit a test transmission to the state which includes a correctly formatted Nebraska CCD+ Addendum Record. This test should be a $.01 (one cent) payment. You will be notified in the event that the Addendum record is formatted incorrectly.
  • Upon successful completion of test, and when you are ready to make a payment:
    • Arrange for the creation and transmission of your EFT Credit files to the state’s bank.
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