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Tax Payment by Credit Card

If you have a tax liability to pay, you have the option of remitting your taxes by credit card. This payment option is available to you, regardless if you electronically file your tax return or file a paper return. Credit card payments are currently originated only by ACI Payments, Inc. (formerly Official Payments Corporation), who provides this service to the IRS and most other states. ACI will charge you a convenience fee, based on the amount of tax being paid. All of the fee goes to ACI. Only the tax amount goes to the state. This fee is charged by ACI to cover operating costs associated with servicing thousands of transactions. The credit card payment transaction is strictly between you and ACI, and therefore, any disputes specific to the card payment are between you and ACI. For more details, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Currently, Nebraska accepts only the credit cards listed below:

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • VISA
  • Discover

If you initiate your credit card payment by telephone, you must provide your Nebraska Jurisdiction Code, which is 3700. Whether making your credit card payment by phone or Internet, you will be asked to provide other related information, including your Social Security number (for individual income tax) or your state ID number (for business taxes), the amount you are paying, and credit card information.

The credit card payment option is currently available to the following tax programs:

  • Individual Income Tax (final payment Form 1040N or estimated payment)
  • Nebraska Income Tax Withholding (remitted with Forms 501N and 941N)
  • Nebraska and Local Sales and Use Tax (remitted with Form 10)
  • Nebraska Retailer's Use Tax (remitted with Form 10)
  • Nebraska and Local Use Tax (remitted with Form 2)
  • Nebraska Corporate Estimated Income Tax (remitted with Form 1120N-ES)
  • Nebraska Corporate Income Tax (remitted with Forms 1120N, 1120NF, 7004N, or a Balance Due Notice)
  • Nebraska Motor Fuels Tax (remitted with Form 73)​

Pay by Credit Card

Initiating your payment

Credit card payments can be initiated:

  • By telephone at 800-2PAY-TAX, (800-272-9829). Nebraska Jurisdiction Code is 3700
  • Over the Internet at

Frequently Asked Questions


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