Employment Opportunities

 State of Nebraska Temporary Program

Audit Intern - Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney (closing date - 11/17/2023)

Revenue Tax Specialist - Lincoln (closing date - 10/05/2023)

IT Data/Database Analyst/Senior - Lincoln (closing date - 09/25/2023)

Lottery Draw Process Monitor - Lincoln (closing date - 09/25/2023)

Web and Forms Specialist - Lincoln (closing date - 09/15/2023)

IT Applications Developer/Senior - Lincoln (closing date - 09/14/2023)

Revenue Agent -Lincoln, Omaha, Norfolk, North Platte, or Scottsbluff (closing date - continuous)

Revenue Agent Senior - Lincoln (closing date - continuous)

Revenue Property Assessment Liaison Trainee - Lincoln, Omaha, North Platte, Norfolk, Scottsbluff, or Kearney (closing date - continuous)

Revenue Examiner - Lincoln (closing date - continuous)

Revenue Operations Analyst II - Lincoln (closing date - continuous)

Discovery Examiner - Central and Western Nebraska (closing date - continuous)

Attorney - Lincoln (closing date - continuous)

Law Clerk - Lincoln (closing date - continuous)

Revenue Auditor I, II, or III - Lincoln, Omaha, Norfolk, Kearney, or North Platte (closing date - continuous)

Revenue Agent - Lincoln (closing date - continuous)



Apply to statejobs.nebraska.gov or 1526 K Street, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68508, or your local Workforce Development Office.

NE State Personnel
Special Accommodations
Under ADA and/or to 
Apply call: 402-471-2075
(TDD Calls Only: 402-471-4693)

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