EFT Eligibility and Benefits


EFT is a payment option available to the following business tax programs:

  • Air Carrier
  • Car Line
  • Cigarette Purchase Orders
  • Cigarette Tax Returns
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Documentary Stamp Tax
  • Fiduciary Income Tax
  • Litter Fee 
  • Lodging Tax
  • Motor Fuels Taxes
  • Motorboat Sales Tax
  • Partnership Income Tax
  • Prepaid Wireless Surcharge
  • Sales Tax
  • Severance and Conservation Tax
  • Tire Fee 
  • Tobacco Products Tax
  • Use Tax
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Fee
  • Withholding Tax


Using the EFT system allows you to never have to mail in a check with your return. EFT can improve your cash management strategies because you have greater control over when funds leave your account.

With the ACH Debit option, you can be assured that your payment request is received by the Department because you are given a confirmation number as proof of receipt. Whether you make your payment by a phone call or over the Internet, you specify when the funds transfer is made. Tax payments are debited directly from your selected financial institution account on the date, and in the amount, that you specify. Use of this filing and payment method is normally free to you. Your phone call is toll-free and, for most taxpayers, all electronic banking fees are paid for by the Department.


Before You Start

  1. Be sure to verify with your financial institution that it can process ACH files with the Federal Reserve.
  2. If you choose ACH Credit as your payment method, verify that the software you will use is capable of generating ACH files in the Nebraska CCD+ format.
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