Sales Tax Data

Nebraska Non-motor Vehicle Sales Tax Collections by County and Selected Cities 

Non-motor vehicle sales tax collections are compiled from county and city information that is self‑reported by applicants when requesting a sales tax permit. County statistics are grouped by county codes, and city statistics are grouped by ZIP codes. This report is intended to provide insight on general sales and economic activity for selected locations. It is not an exact accounting of city sales tax collection. For information on local sales tax collections, please click here.

Nebraska Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Collections by County 

Motor vehicle sales tax collection information is compiled from monthly county treasurers' reports. The statistics are grouped by county.

Nebraska Sales Tax Statistics by County and by Business Classification

These tables show an analysis by county and business classification code of net taxable sales and sales tax. The analyses show information for two years at a time.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

 Nebraska Business Classification Codes

Annual Sales Tax Summary (1967-2023)

This table shows an annual summary of the state net taxable sales and sales tax for other than motor vehicles, motor vehicles, a combined state sales total, local sales tax, and a combined state and local sales tax total.

General Fund Sales and Use Tax Cash Receipts (1999-current)

This table shows a monthly summary of the gross sales and use tax receipts and the net sales and use tax receipts. These tables are presented on yearly tabs.

Local Sales and Use Tax Remitted to Cities, and Settlement Amounts and Dates

The current month table shows a summary by city of the sales and use tax, sales tax on motor vehicles, refunds to taxpayers, administration fee and settlement amount. The historical table shows summaries listing the sales and use tax, refunds, administration fee, refund to city and motor vehicle sales tax. The settlement amount table shows a summary of settlement dates and amounts. The historical tables are arranged by city or tax period. The settlement amount tables are arranged by city or by date.

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