Business Income Tax Data

Analysis of Corporate Income Tax  (1993-2020)

This table shows a summary of the number of corporations, net Nebraska taxable income and the net Nebraska tax due. These tables are presented on yearly tabs. 

Analysis of Financial Institution Tax Returns  (1993-2020)

This table shows an analysis of the financial institution tax information by financial institution type. This includes information on number of returns, deposits, financial institution tax, net Nebraska income and net Nebraska tax. These tables are presented on yearly tabs.

Statistics of Business Income Tax Compiled from IRS and Nebraska Data Extract for the State of Nebraska for Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, and Miscellaneous Tax Returns (2013-2020)

These tables provide an analysis of a variety of topics as described in the table sets. This includes selected statistics from IRS and Nebraska data extract.

General Fund Corporate Income Tax Receipts (1999-2023)

This table shows a monthly summary of the gross corporate income tax receipts and the net corporate income tax receipts. These tables are presented on yearly tabs.


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