ImagiNE Nebraska Act

For information on how to apply for this program visit

Summary of Application Levels, Minimum Requirements of Investment and Employment, and Tax Credits Available


Base year certification

Checklist for ImagiNE Nebraska Act Base Year Certification

Form 1107B, ImagiNE Nebraska Act Base Year Employment Certification


ImagiNE Nebraska Act Payment of Fees for Benefit Use, Form 1107F

ImagiNE Nebraska Act Incentive Computation, Form 1107N – must also submit a completed Employment Workbook and Investment Workbook using the secure file sharing link below.

Employment Workbook for Annual Filing

Employment Workbook for Audit Filing

The applicant may elect to upload the Employment for Audit workbook instead of the Employment for Annual Filing workbook.  The Employment for Audit workbook includes columns that will aid the applicant in completing the Form 1107N. If the Form 1107N is selected for audit, the Employment for Audit workbook will be required.

Investment Workbook

Submit completed workbooks here

1107N checklist (coming soon)

Tax Incentive Purchasing Agent Appointment and Certification, Form 312C

Tax Incentive Claim for Refund of Sales and Use Tax, Form 7-I

Tax Incentive Software Cover Sheet

Incentive Withholding Worksheet (to be submitted with Nebraska Withholding Return, Form 941N)

ImagiNE Nebraska Act and Key Employer and Jobs Retention Act Annual Reports

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