Fuel Tax Rates

Current Fuel Tax Rates

  • Gasoline, Gasohol, Diesel, Ethanol, and Compressed Fuels
    • 24.8 cents per gallon 01/01/2022 through 06/30/2022
  • Aviation Gasoline
    • 5 cents per gallon 
  • Jet Fuel
    • 3 cents per gallon

Petroleum Release Remedial Action Fee (PRF)*

  • Gasoline, Gasohol, Ethanol, and Aviation Gasoline
    • 0.9 cents per gallon 
  • Diesel, Jet Fuel, and All Other Petroleum Products
    • 0.3 cents per gallon

*Note: PRF does not apply to Compressed Fuels

Refund Rate Table for Form 84 and Form 84AG

Historical Fuel Tax Rates

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