First Responder Recruitment and Retention Act

Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 85-2601 to 85-2606

*LB 727 (Sections 107 through 113, Operative date September 2, 2023)

The Act expands the resident tuition waiver for law enforcement officers to include professional firefighters and legal dependents (dependent). The tuition waiver (waiver) includes tuition to the University of Nebraska, state colleges in the Nebraska state college system (Chadron State College, Peru State College, and Wayne State College) and community colleges located within the State of Nebraska (collectively, educational institution). The waiver is 100% of resident tuition charges after financial aid for pursuing an associate or baccalaureate degree program that relates to their career. A dependent of a law enforcement officer or professional firefighter is not required to pursue studies that lead to a specific career.

When the Department of Revenue (DOR) completes its review of the First Responder Certificate of Verification & Authorization for Release of Information, Form FRVA, page 2 will be returned to you. If you entered an email address on page 2 it will be returned electronically, otherwise it will be mailed back to you. You will submit the DOR completed page 2 of the Form FRVA to the educational institution when applying for the tuition waiver.

Upload Form FRVA Here  

​​​​​​Instructions to Upload Form

After you submit the Form FRVA you will receive an e-mail confirmation from at the email address entered that shows the upload was successful. If you do not see an email in your inbox, please check your spam/trash/junk folder. The email confirmation will display the name of the uploaded file(s). Please verify that the correct file(s) are included in the list. If the correct file(s) aren’t uploaded, please upload the correct documentation on the DOR website using the same link you used to upload the Form FRVA. DOR will also receive notification that the files were uploaded.

Once you receive the email confirmation, please do not submit another Form FRVA as it will delay the review of your Form FRVA. DOR will review your submission and contact you if additional information is needed. The e-mail confirmation lets you know that DOR received your filing, please do not contact DOR for a status update as all files will be reviewed in the order received. If the Form FRVA has been properly completed and all required documentation has been received, please allow 10 business days for DOR to complete the review of your Form FRVA.

An updated Form FRVA will be available in mid-July to reflect changes to the law that go into effect July 19, 2024. 

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