How to Reduce Your Risk of Accepting an Altered Pickle Card

  1. Post a sign advising that all pickle cards must be played and redeemed on the premises at the time of sale.
    • If selling pickle cards through a dispensing device, post the sign clearly on the device itself.
  2. Check the identification of anyone you do not know who is redeeming a high-tier winning pickle card
    • Write the individual's name, address, and date of birth directly on the pickle card.
  3. Institute a policy and post a sign advising that the payment of high-tier winners may be delayed for 24 hours
    • This will give you time to carefully examine any winning card. Do not let the individual leave the premises with the pickle card; retain the card and advise that it must be approved by management. Provide a receipt for the card if necessary.
  4. Keep track of the number of high-tier winners redeemed
    • This will help you ensure that not too many winners are paid.
  5. Properly deface and dispose of all winning pickle cards
    • Counterfeiters may try to obtain played pickle cards from your trash. Mark through winning symbols with a black marker before disposing of pickle cards.
  6. Report any suspicious behavior to the Department
    • If someone refuses to show identification or leaves the premises in a hurry with the pickle card, and you can obtain a vehicle license plate number without endangering yourself, please do so. Immediately telephone the Department's Charitable Gaming Division at 402-471-5937, or toll free at 877-564-1315.
  7. If reporting after 5:00 p.m., or during the weekend, please telephone Investigator Mike Olsen at 402-471-5948 and leave a message. He checks his messages frequently.

Any questions regarding this notice may be directed to the Nebraska Department of Revenue Charitable Gaming Division at 402-471-5937, or toll free 877-564-1315.

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