Charitable Gaming FAQs

Are any other forms of gaming (gambling) allowed under Nebraska law?

Only those forms of gambling authorized by the Nebraska Constitution and Nebraska statutes can legally be conducted in our state. Charitable Gaming includes bingo, pickle cards, nonprofit lotteries and raffles, and local option keno, Nebraska law also permits horse racing when conducted at licensed racetrack facilities (this also includes intrastate and interstate simulcasting). In November, 2020, Nebraska voters approved Ballot Initiatives 429, 430, and 431 to allow for casino-style gambling at licensed horse tracks. Nebraska law also allows a state-operated lottery (scratch tickets, Powerball®, and other online games). All other forms of gambling are illegal.

What constitutes “Gambling”?

Gambling activities consist of three elements: Consideration, Chance, and Reward. When a person “wagers” something of value (consideration), for the opportunity to win a prize (reward), and the winner of the prize is determined by some random factor (chance), you have gambling.

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