Keno Tip Line

Regulatory compliance is critical to building public confidence in the gaming activities conducted in our state. But unfortunately, there are some who don't like to follow the rules. Nothing can harm a keno game faster than having its integrity, whether it is as a result of a computer malfunction or the actions of a keno worker, called into question. Our Keno Tip Line provides a confidential and, if you choose, anonymous forum for anyone to report concerns regarding the operation of keno in Nebraska, or suspected violations of the keno laws or regulations.

Why Have a Tip Line?

Ensuring that all keno games are run fairly and above board is our job, but with limited staff attempting to monitor multiple communities and keno locations and thousands of keno workers, we need your assistance. The Charitable Gaming Division of the Nebraska Department of Revenue provides the confidential Keno Tip Line — 877-Tip-Keno (877-847-5366) as an additional means for individuals to relay concerns and information to us. Our goal in providing this service is to obtain information on keno violations that may be unattainable through conventional methods, and to assist us in investigating violations that might otherwise go unreported.

When Should I Call the Tip Line?

You should call the Keno Tip Line if you suspect any wrongdoing, but some examples of the types of incidents to report include:

  • A player being allowed to bet on credit
  • Keno workers playing keno while on duty
  • Minors (under age 19) being allowed to play keno
  • An irregularity in the winning number selection process (ball draw)

How Does Calling the Tip Line Work?

When you call the Keno Tip Line — 877- Tip-Keno (877-847-5366) during normal business hours, a Department staff member will answer. You will be asked for pertinent information in order to investigate the incident, such as the name of the keno location and the city in which it is located, the date, time, and nature of the incident you wish to report, and the names of any keno workers you may know who were involved. Callers will also be asked for their name and phone number, but you can choose to give the information anonymously. In some instances, criminal investigations may be initiated from this information. In all cases, the information received will be thoroughly evaluated and channeled to the appropriate person.

Take the first step to help us make sure all keno games are operated fairly.

Call our Keno Tip Line — 877-Tip-Keno (877-847-5366) — whenever you have personal knowledge of suspicious activity.

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