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Benefits for Nebraska Lottery Retailers

  • Increase Customer Traffic ‑ add to the products you offer with minimal start‑up costs. Equipment, supplies and promotional support provided.
  • Give your customers an opportunity to win millions in prize money!
  • Advertising support ‑ take advantage of the multi‑media advertising campaigns and the excitement the Lottery provides. Free point‑of‑sale is provided.
  • Customer Service ‑ a Lottery Sales Rep is assigned to regularly call on your account to provide inventory, supplies, training, and support.
  • Allow cross merchandising opportunities.
  • Add fun and excitement ‑ In‑store promotional opportunities are provided.
    • 5% ‑ COMMISSION on Scratch ticket sales
    • 5.5% ‑ COMMISSION on Lotto ticket sales
    • 1% ‑ SCRATCH VALIDATION BONUS ‑ must participate in the Lottery's inventory system
    • 1% ‑ MERCHANDISING COMMISSION ‑ on settled packs of scratch tickets
    • 1% ‑ High prize Sellers Bonus ‑ for selling winning tickets $1,000 and over (capped at $50,000)

Application Requirements

No Lottery contract will be granted to an applicant who:

  • Has been convicted of a felony; misdemeanor involving gambling or theft;
  • Has not been in compliance with Nebraska tax laws;
  • Is granted a liquor license for the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises unless such establishment holds a Class C liquor license with a sampling designation.
  • Is a relative of a commissioner or any employee of the Nebraska Lottery
  • Has had a license or contract revoked by another lottery jurisdiction.

For complete eligibility and contractual requirements see Regulation Chapter 400 Lottery Game Retailer Nebraska Lottery Regulations, Title 370 .

Application forms are available to download here in Adobe PDF Format.

Completed applications can be submitted via FAX to 402-471-6108; or mailed to Nebraska Lottery, PO Box 98901 Lincoln, NE, 68509-8901.

For more information on becoming a Nebraska Lottery retailer, call the Nebraska Lottery offices in Lincoln at 800-587-5200 or 402-471-6100 (M-F, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.), or email your request to

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