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What is it?

The State of Nebraska and the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR) are offering a free subscription service to enable website visitors to receive notifications on topics of interest to them.

emails: This service will send an email when the information on a web page the subscriber has selected has been updated. The email option is free.

Mobile: Subscribers may also choose to have notifications sent to their cell phones as a text message. Standard text message rates apply if this option is chosen.

If you have technical problems with the subscription service, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does GovDelivery® work?
GovDelivery® is a web-based email subscription management system that allows you to subscribe to news and information updates on DOR's website. Whenever information is updated on a DOR web page you have subscribed to, you will receive an email and/or mobile alert.

Q: Will it cost me anything to subscribe?
No. The subscription service is offered as a public service from the State of Nebraska and DOR. The only costs that may apply are for text messages sent to your mobile device, based on your cell phone plan.

Q: What is a “profile,” and why do I need to create one?
A profile contains your email address, an optional password, and the selections for which you wish to receive email updates. You can also add a secondary email if you wish to receive notifications to another account. Your profile tells DOR which email updates you wish to receive.

DOR is also asking for your city, county, state, and zip code. This would be used only if DOR needs to send a Special Alert to a specific area within Nebraska.

You can change your profile at any time by adding or deleting subscriptions, changing the frequency of email notifications, or changing your email address.

Q: How can I change or reset my email address or password?
At the bottom of each email you receive is a link called "Manage Preferences." You can change your email address by clicking on the link in that section called "Manage Your Subscriptions or Unsubscribe."

If you choose to set up a password, but forget it or want to change it, you can click on “Forgot your Password?” to have a reset email sent to your address. The email will contain a link allowing you to set a new password.

Q: How will I receive the updates?
An update will be delivered to your inbox or mobile phone when the information that you have subscribed to has been updated on the web page. Remember, mobile information may incur a charge set by your carrier; but emails are free.

Q: Do I need any special software to subscribe and/or receive updates?
Updates will be delivered via email, so a valid email address is a requirement. Most updates also include a link to a web page, so a web browser is also needed.

Q: How often will I receive email notices? How often will I receive mobile notices if I choose that option?
You will receive email notices whenever information has been updated on the web pages to which you subscribe. If you want to receive a notice immediately when information is updated on any of the pages in your profile, you should select “Send Immediately” under the “Change email Frequency Preference” option. If you prefer to receive fewer email notices, you may select one of the delivery preference options to receive the notices from all of your subscriptions in one daily, weekly, or monthly transmission.

Mobile notifications are always sent immediately.

Emergency notifications will be sent immediately, regardless of your frequency preferences.

Q: I subscribed to receive email alerts, but I haven’t gotten any yet. Why not?
You should receive a “New Subscriber” email as soon as you subscribe for each item you select. To ensure that you receive your subscription emails, you may need to adjust your Spam settings, or follow the instructions from your email provider on how to prevent emails from being marked "Spam" or "Junk Mail." If you received the “New Subscriber” email, but have not received anything further, the items you selected may not have been updated recently, and there has been no need to notify you.

Q: Will you be adding content I can subscribe to?
Yes. DOR will be adding more information on a regular basis.

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