Opportunity Scholarship Act FAQs

What happens with the passage of LB 1402 - Require the State Treasurer to establish education scholarships and eliminate the Opportunity Scholarships Act?

With the passage of LB 1402, DOR will stop issuing determinations of the available tax credit to a Scholarship-Granting Organization from the date of the effective repeal, October 31, 2024.

If I contributed to a Scholarship-Granting Organization before October 31, 2024, will my credit still be allowed?

Yes, taxpayers who contributed to an SGO before October 31, 2024, and received a receipt from an SGO will remain eligible to claim the tax credit. This includes the five-year carryover period a taxpayer might have from their 2024 tax return.

Does a Scholarship-Granting Organization (SGO) need to apply before a certain date?

DOR accepts SGO applications all year. However, the nonprofit must be certified with DOR prior to accepting contributions. Contributions can be accepted by certified SGOs starting January 1, 2024. With the passage of LB 1402, DOR will stop issuing SGO letters on October 31, 2024.

How can I find out if a Scholarship-Granting Organization (SGO) is certified by DOR?

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