All other directives have been superseded by other directives, incorporated in regulations, or obsolete due to repeal of laws.

Directive, Subject


23-5, Real Property Tax Credit

Real Property Tax Credit and Tax Statement Calculations (9/2023, Supersedes Directive 21-1)

23-4, Abstract Report

Real Property Abstract of Assessment Extension Procedure (02/2023, Supersedes Directive 15-2)

23-3, Renewable Energy

Assessment of Renewable Energy Generation Facilities (1/2023, Supersedes Directive 16-1)

23-2, Documentary Stamp Tax

Deeds to Trustees Documentary Stamp Tax for Trusts and Certificate of Exemption (01/2023, Supersedes Directive 12-2)

23-1, Sales File

Comparable Sales (02/2023, Supersedes Directive 16-3)

22-6, Car Line Companies

Carline Company Time/Speed Study Procedure (12/2022, Supersedes Directive 10-1)

22-5, Sales File

Level of Value and Quality of Assessment Measurement (11/2022, Supersedes Directive 12-5)

22-4, Real Property

Section 1031 Like-kind Exchanges of Real Property (12/2022, Supersedes Directive 12-4)

22-3, Homestead Exemption

Homestead Exemption Applications Following a Natural Disaster (11/2022, Supersedes Directive 15-3)

22-2, Fixtures and Trade Fixtures

Fixtures and Trade Fixtures Classification as Real or Personal Property (12/2022, Supersedes Directive 11-5)

22-1, Sales File

State Sales File (08/2022, Supersedes Directive 11-8)

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