Property Tax Administrator

Ruth A. Sorensen, Property Tax Administrator
PO Box 98919
Lincoln NE 68509-8919
(402) 471-5962

Ruth Sorensen was appointed by Governor Ricketts to be the Property Tax Administrator, effective January 8, 2015. Previously, Ruth has been appointed to be the Property Tax Administrator by Governor Heineman, effective August 1, 2007.

Ruth is a graduate of Franklin Pierce College, in New Hampshire, receiving her B.S. in Accounting, and a graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Law (1994). Since law school, she has worked in the corporate and private civil practice areas. She was also employed as an attorney for the Department of Revenue for a few years, and in 2003, became employed as an attorney for the Department of Property Assessment and Taxation.

In early 2007, Governor Heineman appointed Ruth to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission, as the Commissioner member from the First District. Ruth’s tenure as a Commissioner lasted four months, at which time she was appointed as the Property Tax Administrator.

Throughout her legal career, Ruth has been involved with various real and personal property issues (taxation, sales and transfers of real property, municipalities, land use planning, property assessment, and property measurement). Ruth is actively involved with the assessment and measurement of property in the State of Nebraska.

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