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Property Assessment Division

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Ruth A. Sorensen, Property Tax Administrator
Property Assessment Division

Claim for Nebraska Personal Property Exemption, Nebraska
Employment and Investment Growth Act, Form 775P or
Nebraska Advantage Act, Form 312P Due On or Before May 1, 2019

APRIL 1, 2019 (LINCOLN, NEB.) — The Nebraska Department of Revenue (Department) reminds all taxpayers who have signed an agreement with the Department under the Nebraska Employment and Investment Growth Act or Nebraska Advantage Act, and who anticipate qualifying for the exemption from personal property taxes, must file the respective Claim for Nebraska Personal Property Exemption, Form 775P or Form 312P, and any applicable schedules. A separate Form 775P or Form 312P must be filed for each project.

The Form 775P or Form 312P and all applicable schedules must be filed with the Property Tax Administrator, with a copy sent to all applicable county assessors, on or before May 1 of the year immediately following the signing of the agreement, and each following year through the expiration of the exemptions allowed under the respective incentive program.

The original return must be filed with the Nebraska Department of Revenue, Property Assessment Division, PO Box 98919, Lincoln, NE 68509-8919 or can be sent electronically to pat.incentives@nebraska.gov with the original return being mailed to the Nebraska Department of Revenue following the electronic filing. Copies of the Form 775P or Form 312P and applicable schedules must also be filed with the county assessors where the property has acquired situs.

Failure to timely and properly file will result in a waiver of the property tax exemption for that year. If the agreement is for a project or projects located in more than one county, a separate Form 775P or Form 312P must be filed for each county.

County assessor contact information is available under “Featured Information;” click on “Contact County Assessors and Search Parcels.”




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