REG-1-035, Consumption of Untaxed Property

035.01 Persons who take property originally purchased tax free with a resale certificate or from inventory (stock) for personal or business use, consumption, or gift, must report and pay a use tax on such property. Such persons must enter on their books the cost of all such property and pay the applicable tax on their purchase price of the property at the rate in effect at the time of use. The cost of those articles taken from stock should be reported on the applicable line of the Nebraska and Local Sales and Use Tax Return .

035.01A Retailers who use property, such as cellular telephones, satellite dishes, or DVRs, as an inducement to obtain signed service contracts for a third party service provider must pay consumer's use tax on the difference between the retailer's cost of the property and any amount received for such property.

035.02 Retailers of aircraft may, in lieu of paying the applicable tax on their purchase price of the aircraft used for personal or business purposes, elect to pay the tax on the gross receipts realized from the use of such aircraft. If such election is made, it shall be pursuant to the conditions set forth in Reg-1-067, Aircraft and Related Services.

035.03 Destruction or other disposition, for which no consideration is received, of property purchased for resale and subsequently determined to be unsalable is not considered to be personal or business consumption and is therefore not taxable.

035.03A However, disposition of such property is taxable if used as a gift or contribution by the owner. The tax is due on the original cost of the property.

035.04 Destruction of property for research and development or testing purposes is taxable.

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