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Other Tobacco Products Reclassified as Cigarettes
under LB 397

September 10, 2019

Attention Nebraska stamping agents and cigarette retailers:

Effective September 1, 2019, the list of brand families below are reclassified as cigarettes under LB 397. This list is not exhaustive, and is subject to change, as products are evaluated. To view criteria for tobacco products, which fall under this new classification, see Criteria for Tobacco Products Labeled as Anything Other Than a Cigarette (Criteria).

Note: A cigarette brand family that is marked with an asterisk (*) has been certified and is listed on the Nebraska Directory of Certified Tobacco Product Manufacturers and Brands.

Cigarette Brand Family

  • 1839 Cigars
  • Bella Filtered Cigars
  • Cherokee Filtered Cigars
  • Cheyenne Little Cigars
  • Cornerstone Filtered Cigars
  • Dark Hawk
  • Djarum Filtered Cigars
  • Double Diamond 120s (HW) Filtered Cigars
  • Double Diamond Filtered Cigars
  • Dreams Filtered Cigars
  • GTO Little Cigars
  • Hat's Off Filtered Cigars
  • JW 100s
  • Phillies Little Cigars*
  • Prime Time Little Cigars
  • Prime Time Little Cigars (Single Stick)
  • Richwood Filtered Cigars
  • RRR Filtered Cigars
  • Santa Fe Filtered Cigars
  • Seneca Filtered Cigars
  • SF Deluxe Filtered Cigars
  • Skydancer Premium Cigars
  • Swisher BlackStone Little Cigars
  • Swisher Sweets Little Cigars
  • Talon Filtered Cigars
  • Vaquero Filtered Cigars (ST - Sunshine Tobacco)
  • Wildhorse Little Cigars
  • Winchester Little Cigars
  • Winchester Little Cigars Soft 100s
  • Wrangler Filtered Cigars (ST - Sunshine Tobacco) 

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